Statues of the Association of Freja Academy


§ 1 The association's firm
The association's name is FREJA ACADEMY

§ 2 The goals of the association
The association has the objective to promote the NGOs to strengthen their role and work to be an important actor in the civil society based on values of democracy and equal opportunities.

The association will meet its objectives by:

  • Promote the regional networking for NGOs in Western Balkan and Turkey
  • Develop strategic work for the social society in the framework of NGOs in accordance with the intentions of European Union
  • Interact in European Network for NGOs
  • Disseminate our knowledge of equal opportunities, democracy and the role of NGO
  • Apply for grants to support the development
  • Act as a partner in transnational projects when the Western Balkan and/or Turkey will benefit from it

§ 3 The registered office
The association has its registered office in Stockholm, Stockholm County.

§ 4 Membership
Members of the association is the one who wants to work for the association's goals and undertake to comply with statutes.

§ 5 Membership fee
Members must pay the membership fee set annually by the annual meeting.

§ 6 Board
The Board consists of Chairman, six regular members and two alternates. The Board appoints a vice-president, secretary, treasurer and other board members association considers relevant. At maturity, enters alternate. Less member before expiry occurs deputy in his/her place for the period until the next annual meeting.

§ 7 The Board's role
The Board represents the association, defends its interests and manages its affairs. The Board decides on behalf of the association unless otherwise provided in these bylaws. The Board shall prepare the annual meeting made decisions, managing the association's financial affairs and to keep records and submit the annual report to the AGM for the last financial year.

The Board meets at least four times a year or when the President finds it necessary or if at least three Board members request it.

Executive board shall be at least when four members are present. Board decisions are taken by simple majority. Event of a tie, the chairman of the meeting has a casting vote.

The association's authorized signatories is the association's chairman or member appointed thereto.

§ 8 Accounts
The financial year shall be the calendar year.

The Board's annual report shall be submitted to the association's auditors at least three weeks before the annual meeting.

§ 9 Auditors
Report of the Board shall be audited annually by two auditors elected at the annual meeting. The auditors shall, no later than two weeks before the annual meeting, produce its audit report.

§ 10 Annual Meeting
The regular annual meeting, which is the highest governing body, held annually prior to 1 May at the time and place fixed by the Board. Written notice must be sent to all members 20 days before the annual meeting and not later than 10 days prior to additional annual meeting.

At the annual meeting, the following matters:

  1. Election of chairman and secretary of the meeting.
  2. Determination of the electoral register for the meeting.
  3. Selection of the minutes and tellers.
  4. Ask if the meeting has been called correctly.
  5. Approval of the agenda.
  6. The Board for the last fiscal year. The balance sheet and income statement for the last business year.
  7. The audit report for last year.
  8. Matter of discharge of the Board for the period audited.
  9. Determination of membership fees.
  10. Determination of yearly plan and treatment of the budget for the coming year.
  11. Election of Chairman of the Association for a period of 2 years.
  12. Election of board members for a term of two years.
  13. Election of alternate for a period of 1 year.
  14. Election of auditors and their deputies two years.
  15. Election of Nominating Committee, two members and one alternate.
  16. Consideration of the proposal and in due time received motions.
  17. Any other business.

Decisions on matters of major economic importance to the association or its members may not be taken unless this has been part of the notice of the meeting.

§ 11 Extraordinary Annual Meeting
Extraordinary General Meeting is held when the board or auditors will find it necessary or when at least 1/10 of the members so require by written request to the Board. The request must state it or the issues that members want the meeting to deal with. The extra annual meeting, only those matters specified in the summons addressed.

§ 12 Motions
Motions to the Annual Meeting must reach the Board no later than 14 days before the annual meeting.

§ 13 Right to vote
At the annual meeting, each member has one vote, both the individual and collective members of the association. The right to vote is personal and can be exercised by proxy.

§ 14 Decisions, Voting and quorum
Decisions are taken by acclamation (acclamation) or if requested, after the vote (a vote).

Voting is open, except for elections where the ballot should take place if someone requests it. A decision is made, unless these bylaws otherwise provides, a simple majority. If votes for the chairman of the meeting, at elections are, however, deciding by lot.

Member of the Board shall not participate in the discharge of official act for which he is responsible, not the choice of auditor.

The meeting is quorate with the number of voting members present at the meeting.

§ 15 Rules for amending statutes
The amendment of these statutes require decisions of annual meeting with at least 2/3 of the votes cast. Proposal to amend the statutes can be both a member of the Board.

§ 16 Withdrawal
Any member who wishes to resign from the Association shall, in writing notify the Board and will be deemed to have immediately left the compound.

§ 17 Exclusion
Members may not be excluded from membership for reasons other than that it has failed to pay agreed fees, opposed the association's activities and purpose or obviously damaged the association's interests.

Ask for exclusion must not be determined until the Member has some of the circumstances which led to membership in doubt. The decision on expulsion may be taken before the member had the opportunity to be heard in some of the association board specified time, at least 7 days. The decision shall state the reasons for exclusion are reported. The decision shall be to the person concerned within 7 days after the decision.

§ 18 Dissolution of the Association
For the dissolution of the Association requires a decision of the Annual Meeting by at least 2/3 of the votes cast. If the association is dissolved to the association's assets handed over to operations with a similar order / charity etc.

A copy of the annual meeting minutes recording decisions on the association's resolution will then be forwarded to the relevant tax authority for cancellation of the compound.



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