Five people laying on grass with their legs stretched out to form a five-sidestar.

About Freja

Conversation leads to collaboration

Freja Forum is a forum for gender equality, democracy, diversity, entrepreneurship and dialogue. Since 1995 have we been working for peace and democracy in the Western Balkans. The basic idea has been to create an ”Almedalen” for the region – where individuals from different countries can meet with the purpose of engaging in conversations, exchanging experiences and develop collaborations.

Participants at Freja Forum come from Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Turkey and Sweden.

So far, the work has resulted in meetings between more than 4000 individuals. More than 500 organizations have been involved, a number of new organizations have been created, 80 projects have been implemented, a number of companies have initiated collaborations and a few companies have been founded.

In 2017, Freja Forum was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.