2017 in Tuzla

Freja Forum 2017 was held in Tuzla, Bosnia-Hercegovina for the second time (first time in 2007).

A special thanks to the organization Censor who made it possible to implement Freja Forum in Tuzla 2017.

The overall theme for Freja Forum in Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina 2017, was Equal opportunities, democracy, diversity and climate change.
This forum was the eleventh. It involved more countries and more organizations from the Balkans than on previous occasions. There were more participants than previous years. Age distribution of the participants is even, the distribution between the number of men and women is more equal than before.
Most participants indicated that they received great benefit from the content in the Forum. There is a large increase in interest for democracy issues among the participants. It is important to see the development of stronger and more diversed civil society organisations in the region.

The importance of the Freja Forum at the national level remains, even if it decreases due to other activities that countries have started themselves to promote the Climate change – from Paris agreement to UN 2030.

There were eight parallel workshops.
The evaluation of Freja Forum called the “Freja Barometer” shows that networking and sustainable contacts are the most important effects for the participants besides competence development.

Speakers in Freja Forum 2017

Amra Bratovcic   * Biljana Trifunovic   * Dragana Stojanovic   * Dusica Semencenko   * Edin Osmanbegovic   * Edita Dautovic   * Grazia Rendo   * Gulin Yucel   * Itir Aykut   * Jasminka Tadic-Husanovic   * Lediona Asabell   * Marija Stevanovic   * Mirza Hebib   * Olivera Popovic   * Valentina Disoska   * Zahida Ademovic.

Presentations by

Christina Bergman   * Dragana Stojanovic   * Dusica Semencenko   * Edin Osmanbegovic   * Elin Loberg   * Ergin Özdemir & Cecilia Hjertzell   * Holicob   * Ingrid Pineiro   * Itir Aykut (opening speech)   * Jonas Löden.


A short film about Freja Forum this year (YouTube).