What we have done

Digital seminar on International Women’s Day 8th March at 13-14.30.

What happens to gender equality in crises and conflicts? The pandemic has shaken the countries of Europe and the European Union since 2020 and recently  the 24th February 2022 the war in Europe started when Ukraine was invaded by Russia. Women’s conditions and gender equality are always affected by crises and conflicts.

In the seminar female experts with experiences and knowledge from the Western Balkans, Ukraine and the EU will give their views on gender equality and crises. This seminar will also present reports from different countries in Europe about  how Covid-19 has affected women generally and in their professional and private lives since the pandemic started 2020.


  • Ms Aslihan Tekin EU and Turkey representative, The Women’s Coalition, Brussels
  • Ms Dusica Semencenko, PhD, Senior Scientific Associate, Institut Mihajlo Pupin, Serbia
  • Ms Magdalena Spasovska, Gender Expert, Skopje, North Macedonia
  • Ms Esmeralda Hoxha, Project Coordinator, Gender Alliance for Development Center, Albania
  • Ms Mima Damic, Coordinator, Empowerment project in UG Vive  Zene, Bosnia- Herzegovina
  • Ms Inga Näslund, East European Expert, Olof Palme International  Center, Sweden

Moderator: Ms Liselott Vahermägi Freja Forum Foundation/Leda

Comments after the seminar

Freja Forum’s seminar on International Women’s Day 2022 created a time document for the history of our time.
Women from six different countries with experience of crisis, disaster and war took part. They spoke based on research, knowledge and personal experiences about what women’s power and initiative mean in a society in chaos.
The conclusions were important and provided inspiration for continued gender equality work to increase the proportion of women among decision-makers. The seminar was recorded and will be shown on Youtube shortly. The link will be published here soon.
Many thanks to all speakers for your inspiration and knowledge and thanks to the moderator and to all participants for your support!
Freja Forum and its partners will continue with even greater enthusiasm and inspiration in the work for gender equality