Freja Forum 2020 in Tirana, Albania

Freja Forum 2020 was held in Albania, Tirana and on computer screens all over Europe on 13-15 November. Due to the pandemic, the Forum was a digital meeting, for the very first time.
Many different activities took in the forum such as seminars, workshops, sessions, debates, and networking rooms for small talks. There were also lunch entertainment, English was the language in the forum but translation was offered into three other languages.
It was easy to participate in the activities. Forum 2020 has contributed to the discussion about what is happening now in Europe during the pandemic and reflections and ideas about how the future will be reinvented.

The theme for FF2020 was Democracy, Equal opportunities and the Reinvented Future.
Global health, climate change and economic development have been discussed in perspectives of the world order as we knew it.
The COVID-19 pandemic is a hard reminder that our most critical challenges are transnational and can only be dealt through coordinated action.
Many systems and organizations were built many years ago in a very different context. The systems were not organized to deal with the new challenges. The future must be reinvented built on a new solid ground of democracy and equal opportunities.

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Greetings from Freja Forum 2020

Women reflect – A video Diary

(YouTube, 8 minutes)

Women Reflect is a collaboration of a number of women from different countries in Europe. They started writing diary notes about their everyday life in March 2020 in start of the Covid -19 pandemic. Women will go on writing the diary notes as long as the pandemic goes on.
The plan was that the women themselves would read their own diary notes , but due to the pandemic it was not possible to do so. The Diary notes from seven European women are read by seven European sisters.
Many fantastic women who keep writing. ”We write as long as the pandemic lasts, first of all for ourselves but also for others who want to read and feel that we are many who share a different reality.”

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Photos from the digital Freja Forum 2020