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You can read about earlier Freja Forums in our History section.

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Freja in Almedalen Week

Countdown Almedalen Week 4th-7th July.
More than 580 seminars with actors from public, private and civil society sectors will be presented this year in the digital Almedalen.
Freja Forum is organising two seminars : the 5th July at 10-11 Future in Europe – housing and living conditions for youth after the pandemic.
6th July at 10-11 Women in Europe – pandemic effects on gender equality in society and private life.

Full programme for Almedalen Week at their website

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Wanted: networking

Digital Freja Forum looking for networking!!!!

Help us to start a network for exchange of experiences from diversed digital events!
Freja Forum 2020 has for the first time conducted a digital forum for three days. Now we want to move on and try to be better for our next Freja Forum 2021.

Some of our challenges are:

  • many organizations in several countries must cooperate.
  • different activities integrated at the same time.
  • integrated translation
  • “simple systems” so everyone can participate.

Freja Forum would like to invite organisations with experience from different kind of digital challenges to networking.
Please contact Freja Forum if you are interested in networking.

Welcome to networking!

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Women reflect seminar 25 March

Women reflect on the ”Corona effect”. The seminar on 25th March was a success.
Speakers from 7 countries described how conditions for women changed and in many perspective is a ”backlash” for equal opportunities during the first year of the pandemic.
Many thanks to speakers, moderator and participants for your contribution to the seminar. See you soon again!
All facts and posts from the seminar will be published in the spring as a film on Youtube with the name Women reflect on corona effect 2020-21
In the meantime, watch the first Women reflect video on YouTube (8 min).

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Freja Forum 2021

This year’s Forum takes place in Brussels, Belgium and digitally.
12-14 November.
The theme is democracy, equal opportunities and sustainable development goals.
As someone said: ”Freja Forum is a vaccin against anti-democratic virus”.


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Students in Bosnia

Young and academic in Bosnia – Well educated and without work

Many young Bosnians are educated today at universities. However, a large number of young, well-educated Bosnians leave their home country every year.
Today, only 53% of the country’s population are living in the country. More than 2 million Bosnian citizens are living in other European countries.

40% of newly graduated students are unemployed in the Western Balkans – young women more than men. Extensive corruption and environmental degradation, the lack of foreign investment and an uncertainty in the region drives the relocation. It is mainly highly educated people who leave the country, which leads to a massive drainage of skills.

An example:
TheTuzla University, which today has 13 faculties with just under 9 000 students. The region has high unemployment among academics. At present, there are a large number of unemployed academics, all with at least one university degree and good English skills:
• Age 20 – 24: 326 men / 239 women
• Age 25 – 29: 2 056 men / 1,469 women
• Age 30 – 34: 1 848 men / 1 339 women

There is a great need for new initiatives that can lead to that more young, well-educated Bosnians are choosing to stay in their home country. New jobs that can be created in cooperation with, for example, Swedish companies would contribute to creating future beliefs in their own country. For the individuals themselves and their families and create good examples of how this can be achieved without corruption.
Reduced ”brain-drain”, ie more young, well-educated Bosnians stay in their home country with their skills and contribute to the development of society, will give greater stability throughout the region.

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