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Freja’s history

You can read about earlier Freja Forums in our History section.

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Freja in Almedalen Week

Countdown Almedalen Week 4th-7th July.More than 580 seminars with actors from public, private and civil society sectors will be presented this year in the digital Almedalen.Freja Forum is organising two seminars : the 5th July at 10-11 Future in Europe … Fortsätt läsa

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Wanted: networking

Digital Freja Forum looking for networking!!!! Help us to start a network for exchange of experiences from diversed digital events!Freja Forum 2020 has for the first time conducted a digital forum for three days. Now we want to move on … Fortsätt läsa

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Women reflect seminar 25 March

Women reflect on the ”Corona effect”. The seminar on 25th March was a success. Speakers from 7 countries described how conditions for women changed and in many perspective is a ”backlash” for equal opportunities during the first year of the … Fortsätt läsa

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Freja Forum 2021

This year’s Forum takes place in Brussels, Belgium and digitally. 12-14 November. The theme is democracy, equal opportunities and sustainable development goals. As someone said: ”Freja Forum is a vaccin against anti-democratic virus”.  

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Students in Bosnia

Young and academic in Bosnia – Well educated and without work Many young Bosnians are educated today at universities. However, a large number of young, well-educated Bosnians leave their home country every year. Today, only 53% of the country’s population … Fortsätt läsa

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